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Drew Richman – NMLS #289152 – has been in positions of fiduciary responsibility for 25 years and brings his expertise, along with 13 years of direct real estate industry experience and an additional 12 years in insurance benefits to each transaction.  Currently the Branch Manager for Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corp, a regional lender – He does not just offer lending we offer value added solutions based consulting. Every client gets expert consultation and the highest level of service available in the industry. Branch NM closed 7 loans that other lenders gave up on in the last 18 months with expanded underwriting guidelines on standard and portfolio options that allow us to say “YES” when others say “NO” – You will be blown away by what people have to say about Drew.

“When we were ready to retire and move to Arizona, with adequate savings and funds for a down payment, we found that we did not qualify for a conventional mortgage because we could no longer offer proof of regular employment and income.  A savvy friend suggested that we contact Drew Richman. With his help and our reverse mortgage we now live in our beautiful new home, with no worries about losing it and no more payments for the rest of our lives! “ 
 – Ann  Lamm, Sedona, Arizona 

Drew  – You changed my life…  changed it forever and I still can hardly believe that you got me such a great rate…no one else would even talk to me…and that is the truth…I so appreciate your hard work…thanks… I will always have a home  – Liz Fiset, Santa Fe NM

We are blessed to have gotten Drew to work with us on financing our home. Previous opportunities for us had never penciled out in spite of charming presentations by very nice people. Drew was down to earth, straightforward and hard working. When things were not looking as good as expected dug in his heels and got us through it when a lesser broker might have quit and gone on to easier files.
Thank you Drew!!

Danny and Fionna Buck

In 2009, Mr. Drew Richman was key to the successful purchase of our home in Albuquerque NM. Without Drew’s tireless efforts, long days, constant research and dedication, I’m quite sure the superb outcome we currently enjoy may not have been accomplished. Drew was able to obtain an excellent rate in an uncertain 2009 marketplace. By the fall of 2012 rates had dropped significantly from 2009 and we were able to save 1.6% on our 30 year mortgage with minimal fees/payback time to recover fees.
My wife Deborah and I could not be more pleased with Drew’s stellar performance, professionalism and caring attitude. He’s always been a pleasure to work with and makes the business of money enjoyable. Our home is certainly essential for our current lifestyle and I can honestly say, without Drew’s dedication and superb work ethic, we may have never gotten to enjoy our new home. But, no worries, Drew did his think in excellent fashion and we are forever grateful. All the best, Drew.

Sincerely, David M DiSanti

My financial adventure with Drew Richman was, perhaps, the greatest comeback story of all time. We started out by arguing and thrashing over details and my credit issues that seemed unsolvable, with me expressing my anger and frustration at the process and Drew slowly bringing me back or talking me down. Over the course of the relationship, solving unsolvable issues one by one until there were no issues remaining, going from bank to bank until he found one that was comfortable with my unique situation, Drew successfully completed my ‘impossible’ transaction. In the process, we became friends and confidants. I cannot recommend this man highly enough as a partner in the treacherous, inflexible world of modern home financing.

George Stein, Chicago IL