White body

Apply fiber laser technology to weld "challenging" materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum and high-speed steel。

  • Reduced post-processing Realize zero gap welding of galvanized steel without spatter and welding hole。
  • Remove packing Avoid "centerline crack" when welding 6000 aluminum alloy - do not use filler wire。
  • To prevent cracking Welding high strength steel at fast feed rate will not produce subsequent cold cracks。
Body-in-White Automotive Lasers

Aluminum soldering

Using ARM laser for 6-series aluminum welding, no filler wire is needed, centerline crack is avoided, and spatter is greatly reduced。 In addition, the welding depth is adjusted while keeping the gap width constant。

Galvanized steel welding

ARM lasers can achieve high-quality, zero-gap lap welding of galvanized steel without bursting, opening up new production possibilities。

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Laser welding of high strength aluminum with cast aluminum

Both high-strength aluminum and cast aluminum offer proven benefits for automotive manufacturing, but also pose challenges for laser welding。 In particular, both are prone to thermal cracking and spatter。 These problems were solved by using a welding system based on coherent's ARM laser and ThyssenKrupp's new LSK06 laser machining head。


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Advanced automotive laser technology to weld car body in white

Learn how coherent's ARM fiber laser can weld challenging materials used in white body structures faster, easier and better for cars。



The introduction of laser technology has allowed us to explicitly expand our target market, as production and sheet metal processing using variations of standard plastic parts would not have been possible without laser systems。
Armin Buchsteiner Broking-plastex Managing Director and co-owner

Broking-plastex: One of the automotive industry leaders

At Broking-plastex, variation diversification is becoming increasingly evident, requiring specialists who can produce small to large batches flexibly and economically。

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Typical batch size

超过 50%

Laser machined parts


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