Science super fast amplifier

Maximize laboratory productivity with amplifiers and accessories produced by the superfast scientific industrial revolution。

  • The choice is vast Choose between an open architecture or an all-in-one minimalist architecture。
  • Industrial reliability Obtain leading-edge performance and industrial reliability through HALT/HASS testing。
  • Local Service Support Use the local services of our global support team to keep your experiments running。
Ultrafast Amplifiers Line Drawing

Better ultra-fast performance through industrial reliability

An unrivalled portfolio of ultra-fast amplifiers with pulse energy ranging from µJ to 13 mJ and repetition rates ranging from 1 kHz to 50 MHz。Coherent can supply all parts of ultra-fast laser systems: pumped lasers, oscillators, amplifiers, tunable OPAs and accessories。

Super fast amplifier product series

Astrella HE Product Image

Astrella integrates ultra-fast kilahertz titanium Gem amplifiers to provide better data and lower data costs, enabling 2D spectral analysis, terahertz research, minute-second micromachining, and more。

High power - Pulse power up to high >9 mJ。 Industrial reliability - PROVEN by HALT/HASS。 Simple to use - closed box operation。
Legend Elite UFTiSAmp Product Image

The Legend Elite series is an advanced ultra-fast titanium Gem amplifier with high power, kilohertz output that sets the bar for performance, stability and reliability。

Unparalleled peak power - pulse energy up to &gt;13 mJ。 高时间分辨率 - 脉冲宽度短至 < 25 fs。 Excellent beam quality - proven regenerative amplifier design。
Revolution Product Image

The Revolution High Energy kilohertz Green Laser is the most compact and powerful laser in its class for pumping ultra-fast titanium gem amplifiers。

Unparalleled output power - up to 80 W。 Stable and reliable - strong and durable overall construction。 After the HALT/HASS certification。 Adjustable repetition rate - single transmission up to 10 kHz。
Monaco Product Image

The Monaco high-power femtosecond laser delivers superior edge quality in scientific applications such as micromachining and three-photon microscopy。

Versatile - infrared, green or UV models。 Pump tunable OPA - pair Monaco with one or more Opera F devices。 Fast three photon imaging - repetition rate adjustable up to 1 MHz。Optional 50 MHz。
OPerA Solo Product Image

Coherent's Ultra fast Laser Amplifier accessories offer a full line of equipment that extends, customizes and optimizes our scientific ultra fast amplifier operations。

Tunable OPA-189 nm to 20 µm。 Monopulse autocorrelator - FS pulse measurement。 CEP stabilizer - Lock carrier offset phase。
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