Why Buy Now in Sante Fe, New Mexico

Right now we have the best combination of Home Prices and interest rates that we will ever have for the foreseeable future. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity As prices rise and interest rates go up your income will qualify you for less and less house. Now is the time, but only because you cannot go back in time... Now will continue to be the best time because the only time there is, is NOW!

When I started in this industry in May of 2001 – Before 9/11 … My boss told me that I would never see the 30 year fixed rate under 7% - He was right to say that, it had never happened. Now we have had rates under 5 for 17 years .. and we are spoiled and complacent.. It seems that it wil never end, but gradually and sometimes abruptly rates wil continue to rise as the ruling class in charge are the people who collect the interest and not the people who pay it.. They are desperate to get rates back up at least into the 5’s and eventually over 7 again.. It will happen. DO not be kicking yourself with “Woulda, Shoulda and Coulda – The Regret Triplets” – haunting you. At least do not say I did not warn you.

Buying Vs. Renting

Renting is exactly like buying a house, except someone else’s name is on the title.. You are just buying a house for someone else, and in many cases it is someone you don’t like, sometimes it is someone who mistreats you.

If things remain broken around your house at least it is your decision when and where it gets done. Some renter’s do not always have even that luxury. You are truly at the mercy of the landlord. And you are usually captured for a full year at a time.

While Property taxes and insurance can go up, your principal and interest payments on your home can never go up so there is no need to face a rent increase when that lease expires , every 12 months.

Many people are afraid to take the plunge and make the commitment. Well the good news is you are not marrying the house, just the spouse… You can always sell it in a few years, think of it as an investment, if you live in it for 2 years you can usually sell it with no tax implications as long as your profits remain under the current allowable amount. Check with your CPA or other tax professional on that, I am not a tax person.

Why Brokers are Better - The Service Difference - in the City Different

Great service usually comes at a premium. Hourly wage salaried employees at the banks have little incentive to provide good service. They are getting the same money no matter what.

We get paid when and only when we perform and close your loan. That is what drives us to work hard and provide the best customer service in the industry. We offer the highest level of concierge level service that exceeds all industry standards. I am at your behest 12 hrs a day and by appointment on Sunday.

The old joke in New Mexico is:
Question : …In New Mexico… you call six lenders – which one do you choose? Answer : The one that returns the call …

That would be me !

For assistances with buying a house now, contact Drew at (505) 204-0683 in Sante Fe, NM today.